Metal Detector Hire – Lowest Rates in Perth

Hire Metal Detector for Gold Prospecting and Lost Item Recovery

Why Hire a Metal Detector From Us?

  1. We are a home business which means lower overhead and cheaper hire rates.
  2. We provide you with a quick lesson on how to use the detector; and set it up for the target you are looking for (ring, keys, coins, gold etc).
  3. Metal detector hire Perth offers same day hiring (subject to availability), 7 days per week, just call or SMS us on 0416 062 204.  With prior arrangement, we are “open” from 7am to 8pm, important if you have lost something and want to find it NOW!
  4. We are located in the central suburb of Nedlands.

Call or text Stephen – 0416 062 204

Hire Minelab GPX 5000

Gold Prospecting Detectors

Our gold prospecting hire rates are the lowest we know of in Perth for Minelab detectors.

  • Minelab SDC2300 @ $220 per week.  Extra days are $27.50.
  • Minelab GPX4500 @ $220 per week.  Extra days are $27.50.
  • Minelab GPX4000 @ $200 per week.  Extra days are $22.
  • Minelab Gold Monster 1000 @ $132 per week.  Extra days are $17.60.

Don’t know which detector to hire?  If you have not been detecting before, we suggest you hire a SDC2300.  They are easy to use and a very competent detector.

Ready to book?  Jason on 0400 064 0645.

Whats Included?  Everything you need to find gold!

  • The detector, quality battery & associated charges (12v and 240v) and cables.
  • Speaker with amplifier (GPX).
  • Harness (for GPX).
  • Mono and DD coils (for GPX).
  • Pick.
  • Scales to weigh gold nuggets.
  • Carry bag.
  • Lesson on how to use detectors and find gold.
  • Written manual.

Google Earth Gold Locations

Join our list and instantly receive a Google Earth File (.kmz extension) with known West Australian Gold Occurrences and a whole bunch of additional information to get you stared in your research.

We may email specials from time to time to people on this list.

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Metal Detectors for Locating Lost Items

We have Minelab X-TERRA metals detectors and equivalent that are ideally suited to finding lost items or beach combing.  Find out more here.

These detector are frequently hired to locate lost:

  • Rings or other jewellery
  • Keys
  • Mobile Phones
  • Hearing Aids
  • Solenoids
  • Tools

Rates are $50 for up to a 24 hour period, $15 per extra day or or $100 per week.

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